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The simplest (?) way to download videos from the internet: Real Player

June 7, 2009

I had been using for a while to download videos from youtube. But when I wanted to download from a different web site ( I got denied and so I had to google a little bit before learning in this blog a really simple way: using RealPlayer, just the basic free version. Actually it didn’t work until I realized I had to set my ZoneAlarm free firewall to grant permission to Real to access the trusted zone and the internet. Fixed that I had just to copy the video’s URL and paste it into Real’s URL navigation field an I started watching the video while being asked if I wanted to download it. When I said yes I  got a flash FLV file saved by default into my …/document/video/Realdownload/ . I also needed to edit the video and since my Pinnacle studio doesn’t accept FLV I have used Total Video Converter to convert it into an AVI or WMV editable file that by default is saved in C:/programmi/Total video converter/converted/