How to add music to a flash video with Pinnacle12

I have got a flash videoclip that was ok but wanted to add music before publishing it on the company video channel on YouTube.  I had not the master file from the camera but only the edited flash .flv file. I tried to load the flash file into Pinnacle12 for adding the music but it doesn’t accept .flv files as input so googling [a lot] around I found an interesting article Flash Video Editing Made Simple where I got the link to RichFLV Video Editor that appears to be a free AdobeAir plug-in that installs automatically AdobeAir also. Within RichFLV I should have been able to edit my .flv file importing an mp3 music file and merging them together, but I hadn’t handy any mp3 file suitable for the job, since I always use the free music files available inside Pinnacle12.

Actually I could have probably been able to create an audio mp3 file by Pinnacle (more or less as the music background of an “ampty “video file) and import it into RichFLV, but I didn’t think of it and so I started looking for a different solution to my problem.

Inside the same Flash Video Editing Made Simple web page I found the link to download Super Video Converter and started a few trials to convert my .flv file into a format accepted as input by Pinnacle12 (avi, mpg, mov). I got error converting .flv into .mov or .mpg while Super worked fine converting .flv into .avi. Nonetheless I got stuck because Pinnacle12 could play the resulting .avi file in the preview window but not load in the editing (album) area.

Long story short I managed to have a .avi file that Pinnacle12 was able to load and edit with following setting for Super:

Super Video Converter setting

Super Video Converter setting

Then I have been able to add music inside Pinnacle12 and create a .flv file as output

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